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How to be a good developer

This is the reminder to myself.

  • Keep the beginners mindset.
  • Don't be too conservative. Check new projects, new ways of doing things, play with it, use it if it feels good.
  • Create your own projects and open source them.
  • Read open source projects code to answer some of the "how-to-questions"
  • Improve your existing code even if it works.
  • Don't over promise. If you do make sure to deliver.
  • Be fact driven when it comes to code. Use what makes more sense even though it's in a language you don't yet understand. Get your hands dirty
  • Be emotional. No project is necessarily logical from the start. That's the only way to finish a large project. Logic is your enemy and it's boring.
  • Suppress your ego unless the thing at hand is something very important to you
  • Don't always follow best practices. Check point #1. Maybe there is a better way.
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Igor Rendulic

  • Salt Lake City
Explorer, developer, ... Using this website as the bookmarking service for the things that might become useful in the future.
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