How to list your NFT for sale

How to list NFT for sale on Ethereal

How to list your NFT for sale
Photo by adrianna geo / Unsplash

These instructions are for Ethereum based NFTs.

Creating Art

  1. Create some "art". Most likely you'll want to create some form of digital art.

Create a wallet if you don't have one yet

  1. Create a new Etehereum Wallet (the simplest might be Metamask or Coinbase wallet). If you have 0 experience on how to buy and transfer crypto currencies try the Coinbase wallet
  2. Backup your wallet
  3. Just to make sure: Backup your wallet
  4. Buy some ETH

Choose an NFT Marketplace

  1. Choose a marketplace where you'll present yout art to the world. We'll choose OpenSea in this case.

Sell NFT on OpenSea Marketplace

  1. Click Create on the OpenSea home page.
  2. If you're using e.g. Coinbase Wallet you'll need to pair it WalletLink. If you're using Metamask no need to do anything. It's the default wallet on OpenSea.
  3. Create new Collection which will hold all of your art
  4. Create new Item in the collection and upload your file, follow the rest of the instructions
  5. At this moment you have an NFT that lives on OpenSea and a proof that the NFT belongs to you. That's great, be we want to sell our NFT.
  6. Click Sell button
  7. Select your sell method
  8. Set the price of your item. Make sure it's high enough. OpenSea takes 2.5%. OpenSea also requires your to "Initalize your account" by making a free transaction. The free transaction is not really free since it will cost us a gas fee defined by the Ethereum network. Check out this handy gas tracker. Here is also a bit more detailed explanation of OpenSea fees.
  9. If and when someone buys your NFT there is also a fee. Make sure to check what price would make sense for your NFT. Google if there is a good way what price would work best.
  10. Post your listing.

And there it is.

Here is a bit more technical video on how NFTs work behind the scenes: